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MASSANT  is a Belgian company specializing in the manufacture of antique reproduction furniture, conforming to the purest principles and traditions. 


The MASSANT collection principally encompasses  furniture of the 18th and 19th centuries. Other classic periods and niche models up to the 1950’s are also replicated, including Art Nouveau and Art Deco.


The MASSANT factory is based in Thines, near Brussels. An area of Belgium well known for it’s artisans and craftspeople. The Massant team is always selected for their artistic ability and their sensitivity to subtleties of form, proportion, and pallet.


The quality and authenticity of the MASSANT name is sealed in the form of an « N » stamped in red on every model leaving the factory. This seal of approval from MASSANT guarantees the quality and authentic workmanship of the product.


Our clients choose a model from the MASSANT collection or request a custom model. Finishes in waxed timber or antique patinas are chosen, and the  clients choice of fabric is applied. All quantities are possible with design assistance to the client.

Download Classic furniture Catalogue



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