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Our trade
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Sharing the same passion for a knowledge of art, refinement and craft expertise, Thierry Massant -originally antiques dealer- established the MASSANT company in 1996, as an exclusively enterprise specialising in reproducing chairs from the XVIIth, XVIIIth and XIXth centuries.

Thanks to the wish to respect the techniques of traditional cabinet making and the proportions of stamped models from the original era, Massant manufacturing has won over lovers of old chairs and purists alike in a few years. Massant is now an international firm and its range continues to expand.

The line of chairs, armchairs and sofas in Regency, Louis XV, Louis XVI, Directoire, Empire, Restoration, and recently Art Deco styles divide into almost eighty character models that can be reproduced in series, while remaining unique pieces thanks to their manufacturing techniques and totally craft finishes. Massant’s work finds its apogee when chairs are studied to be integrated into a precise decor, thus adding a timeless nature to respect for traditions.

The collection of chairs, which is supplemented by some refined objects, is mainly distributed by the best interior decorators and architects, as well as by top-of-the-range decoration shops. Massant also intervenes in the framework of prestige sites with the help of a team made of antiques experts, art historians and top-level craftsmen.

Fitting perfectly into the current trend which favours tailored work and excellence, Massant Manufacturing is sought out for its identical reproductions on the occasion of prestigious projects to decorate historic residences, palaces, embassies, hotels and luxury restaurants, or prestige establishments in more than 40 countries across Europe, Asia and America (see references).